SahBabii & Young Nudy Merge Their North American Tours Into One Giant Spectacle

Young Nudy has announced a tour in conjunction with his new album Slimeball 3. The tour slated to begin the 2nd week of September will take Young Nudy and his mate SahBabii on a winding tour of America, closing in Houston on the 9th of December. "Welcome to Nudy Land" kicks off in Sayersville, New Jersey. From there Nudy and SahBabii ricochet from coast to coast with no consideration of linear travel. 

After performing in Sayersville, the two rappers will do a sweep of California, then set their navigational pad for North Carolina where they've been booked on three occasions. Oddly they've decided to leave the state prematurely to appease a previously booked date in Tennessee. I for one, would have abandoned ship on the Memphis tour stop, but I respect their hustle mentality.

Once the middle bracket is fulfilled, Nudy and company will be afforded a two week reset before the "Welcome to Nudy Land" tour schedule gets completely out of hand. Interestingly enough, the trek is being billed as both Young Nudy's "Welcome to Nudy Land" tour and conversely as SahBabii's "Welcome to Anime World." The two rappers have decided against merging into one entity or sharing their promotional resources. They will none-the-less be on the road together. The overlap has been made apparent by the online ticket registries promoting both tours in one open bracket like this here.

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