Salt-N-Pepa's Sandra Denton Dragged For Flaunting Affair With Married Man

Sandra Denton is one-third Salt-N-Pepa, a rapping trio who rose to notoriety in the mid 80s-early 90s with a string successful musical endeavours. However, after the release their last studio album back in 1997, Denton has pursued some other avenues within the entertainment industry, mostly within the acting realm. 

The Grammy winner is now making headlines for reasons far removed from anything career related. In fact, Denton has taken to social media to proclaim her affinity for her new beau, Aundre Dean. However, Dean is married to a woman by the name Jordyn Taylor, who is currently pregnant with the pair's child. 

Denton shared an image the two in celebration her boyfriend's birthday, captioning the since-deleted post with an affectionate ode to her man. "Happy Birthday weekend to my man and #MCM @iamAundre keep pushing and being a good dad God will handle the rest. No matter what, I'm here! #RideOrDie #PepItUp #Mcm #Monday."

Once Taylor caught wind the image, she similarly took to Instagram to drag both Denton and Dean. The expectant mother notes how "when mistresses talk about God... it's laughable!" Shortly afterwards, Taylor begins to criticize Dean's parenting skills, admitting that "good dads don't stress their pregnant wives out for 15 minutes fame with a D list "has been" senior citizen celebrity."

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