Salvatore Ganacci Trolled Everyone At Tomorrowland 2018

Move over Deadmau5, EDM has a new king trolls and it's Salvatore Ganacci.

You may remember Salvatore from last year's Tomorrowland when he yelled over the mic “relax your anus.” Well now Salvatore is taking his antics to a new extreme by his outlandish dance moves, “hee-ha-hooing” on the mic, and handstands in the DJ booth.

Salvatore makes good use the DJ decks and DJ monitors as he even finds time to sit on them during his set. “Can everyone just take a look at my hair in the fan over here.”

Watch Salvatore's hilarious set from Tomorrowland 2018 below.

Watch Salvatore Ganacci's Entire Tomorrowland 2018 Live Set

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