Sammy Sosa On Skin Bleaching: "I Do Whatever I Want”

Chicago Cubs legend Sammy Sosa recently sat down with Sports Illustrated for an interview as part the "Where Are They Now" issue, in which the former slugger opened up about his life in Dubai, being exiled by the Cubs and whitening his skin.

In speaking about the latter, Sosa tells SI, "Look at what I am today. This is my life, and I don’t take garbage from nobody. I do whatever I want.”

As far as the Cubs are concerned, Sosa says he deserves to be praised like Ernie Banks, who he passed for the most home runs in Cubs history during his playing days.

"I passed Ernie Banks for most home runs in Chicago Cubs history," Sosa said in the recent Sports Illustrated interview. "He has a statue, and I don't have nothing. So, what the fuck?"

According to SI, the Cubs are reluctant to bring Sosa back into the fold until he apologizes for using PEDs. However, Sosa never failed a drug test and he has no intentions patching things up after being away from Chicago for 11 years.

“It’s never been our position that we want Sammy to wear a hair shirt and sit in front Wrigley and be punished for weeks on end,” a Cubs source told SI. “This is simply, ‘I messed up, and there’s something to learn from it, and I’d love to get back in the fold.’ It would take one sentence.”

“I never failed a drug test,” Sosa said. “So why are you asking me about that, when they don’t have nothing on Sosa?”

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