Saweetie Explains How She Hooked Up With Quavo & Rapped For J Cole

Saweetie is one of the biggest female emcees out there right now. With "Icy Grl," she reached a whole new audience and now, she's starting to hit her stride. The young rapper has always been connected, considering Zaytoven and Gabrielle Union as part of her family so a career in the entertainment industry made sense for her. However, she did have to pursue the same hustle as most aspiring artists. In fact, Saweetie once rapped for J. Cole before she hit it big and when she met up with the North Carolina rapper at NBA All-Star Weekend, she was surprised that he recognized her.

Saweetie Explains How She Hooked Up With Quavo & Rapped For J Cole
Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Saweetie was at All-Star with her boyfriend Quavo, who she speaks about in a new interview with Big Boy on his radio show. Speaking about how she first met the Migos star, Saweetie plays it off coy and says that they were just always around each other in Los Angeles. She then goes further into the story, telling Big Boy that Instagram played a big part in them hooking up. "At first, he DMed me," revealed Saweetie. "You know what, it was weird because his DM went straight to my [inbox.] It went straight in, it didn't go to the requests." She was initially confused because she wasn't following Quavo but, after a while, she decided to answer and it all worked out.

When the couple attended All-Star weekend, they ran into J. Cole at a party and she was shocked that he actually remembered her from when she spit bars at him. "I had introduced myself to him," she explained. "He was like, 'I know who you are.' He said that he had seen the video of me rapping for him and he was just telling me congratulations and I just thought that was really dope because that's somebody who I've been following since I was 14-years-old."

Saweetie says that she would love to work with J. Cole on music one day. Watch the full interview below.


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