Scarface Says He’s "Done" With Music As He Enters The Political Realm

With over 30 years in the rap game, it looks like Scarface is finally hanging up the mic. We previously reported that the rapper entered the race for Houston's City Council. Scarface's move to politics undoubtedly meant that hip-hop would have to be put on the backburner but unfortunately, it looks like his run for city council means he'll be leaving the rap game indefinitely.

In a recent interview with FADER, the legendary rapper revealed that his pivot to politics meant his retirement from rap. He was asked to elaborate on his 2017 interview where he said, "Scarface is dead" and whether that meant he was officially leaving rap. "I mean, for me it’s done. I like the idea of politics," he replied.

His political announcement came shortly after the death of Bushwick Bill who was supposed to embark on a reunion tour with the Geto Boys but later pulled out. Reports initially stated that it was because Bushwick Bill thought the promoters were exploiting his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Scarface didn't elaborate on the situation but he did believe that Bill wasn't in a position to hit the road. "That’s something you’d probably have to ask Willie [D, of the Geto Boys]," he said. "But I’m almost certain that Bill was in no shape to tour, and I didn’t want to force him."

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