Scarface Shuts Down Lung Cancer Rumors: "Internet Will Kill You Quicker Than A Gun"

A few days ago, reports began circulating that Scarface was battling with lung cancer and with many reacting to the news, the artist was quick to comment in order for people to stop worrying. The Geto Boys rapper was reported to be fighting for his life and while the internet can sometimes be spot-on accurate, this was an instance of fake news that Scarface had to shut down.

The legend addressed the rumors shortly after they began making their way around, insisting that nobody worry about him because he's perfectly healthy. The source of the original report appears to have been inaccurate as the artist joked that the internet was quick to try and kill him off. "The internet will kill you quicker than a gun will," he said. While he notes that he sympathizes with those who are actually battling cancer, he insists that he is perfectly healthy. He continued by egging on his naysayers, writing, "And as happy as the news of me being down will make some it will also make them even sadder to know its all untrue I’m alive and well yea I know."

The 47-year-old released the statement on Twitter for his fans to read directly, reassuring them as many were sending their well wishes on his page. Read the full message below. 

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