ScHoolboy Q Puts Respect On YG’s Name While Eating Spicy Wings

It's never a dull moment with ScHoolboy Q. The rapper was the latest guest on First We Feast's Hot Ones where he delved into the world of golf, bucket hats and more. Not many have survived Hot Ones. Notably, DJ Khaled couldn't even hold it down past a few wings but he was a good sport and stuck through for the whole interview. But ScHoolboy Q is a trooper. Even though he underestimated the power of the hot sauce, he managed to get through it.

ScHoolboy Q Puts Respect On YG's Name While Eating Spicy Wings
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Fresh off of the release of CrasH Talk, the rapper made his way over to the Hot Ones set. The rapper admitted that he could handle hot food pretty well but he was told that it wasn't any normal type of heat. The rapper went through a few wings before questioning if they were just exaggerating about the levels of spice in the sauce. However, that changed shortly after. If you'd recall, YG unflinchingly went through the wings which ScHoolboy Q couldn't help but salute him.

"Wait, these the same ones YG was eating?" Q asked the host who told him it's slightly different with the sauces but at the same Scoville level. "Alright YG, I respect you too fool," Q concluded.

Peep his episode of ScHoolboy Q's Hot Ones below and our review of CrasH Talk here. 

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