ScHoolboy Q Talks Golf Addiction & The Art Of Video Game Trash-Talking

With his new "Chopstix" single officially dropping today, ScHoolboy Q kicked off his press circuit with a genuinely hilarious conversation with REAL 92.3's Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed. Yet before the signature ScHoolboy humor could come through, he took a moment to field a question about the late Nipsey Hussle's passing.

"That heavy, you know what I mean?" reflects Q, considering his words carefully. "It real real real heavy. It's a sad situation for a dude that did so much. But you know what I mean, he's legendary man. Legendary." While Nip's death continues to cast a somber note on the rap game, it doesn't seem right to paint the conversation in a negative light, as Q's energy quickly shifts the tone to a lively and positive one.

ScHoolboy Q Talks Golf Addiction & The Art Of Video Game Trash-Talking

Rahav Segev/Getty Images

He proceeds to open up about his private nature, exhibiting shock (befitting of a true dad) at Instagram's current role in the rap game. "I be looking at pages, and muthafu*kas be having like ten million followers n' shit, right?" marvels Q. "My name be big as hell on the [festival sign] your name is little as shit! How you got twenty-million followers? Then I look at their posts, they have like seven thousand posts. I look at my posts, I got like 13." He laughs, admitting that he didn't even know how to Tweet. "They updated it!"

Naturally, ScHoolboy takes a moment to celebrate one of his favorite hobbies: the golfer's life. "Every day," he proudly boasts. "I'm out there!" He reveals his interest in the sport originally stemmed from a challenge - that he wouldn't be able to hit a birdie within a two-year window. "I didn't even know what a birdie was, dawg," admits Q, before revealing that he won the bet on his third attempt. He also talks about his other favorite hobby - gaming. "Apex Legends, Call Of Duty, I was on that Fortnite shit," he says, before brushing off the Epic Games shooter with a scoff. "I would have whooped your son ass all up and down," says Q. "Go get your dad, punk!"

Reavling that his user-name is a variant of "ScHoolboy Q," he laughs about some of the trash talk he receives from angry youths. "What kind of grown man names himself ScHoolboy Q, you a grown man, you probably live with your mama!" he growls, mirroring the kids. "I'm like, I actually have a big-ass house! I be yelling on the mic! We all thirty too, picking on little weak-ass kids! Go to bed, kid!" 

For more from Groovy Q, check out the full video below. One thing is certain - it's nice to have him back on the interview circuit. Look for his new album, which is set to arrive within the coming month

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