Science professor faces jail for allegedly getting his students to make ecstasy

Science professor Tatsunori Iwamura faces a sentence of up to 10 years in jail after allegedly getting his students to produce MDMA.

The 61-year-old pharmacology professor working at Matsuyama University in Ehime, Japan decided to give Breaking Bad character Walter White a run for his money and told his students to manufacture the illegal drugs MDMA (in 2013) and 5F-QUPIC, a cannabinoid available in powder form, last year.

Professor Iwamura claimed that the nature of this endeavour was strictly educational. However, there is a Japanese regulation that states a researcher needs a license to produce narcotics for education’s sake.

If, when prompted to state his name for the courts he doesn’t respond with: “You know. You all know exactly who I am… I’m the cook” it seems like a great opportunity foregone if you ask us...

[Photo: MDMA Team]

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