Scientists Gave Aggressive Octopuses Ecstasy And They All Became Friends

One the issues I really like about running a blog is that I routinely get to write down true headlines I may by no means even make up if I attempted.

This week, scientists at John Hopkins Medical Center performed a research to check the similarities between the brains people and octopuses. While it was identified to a point that the aquatic animals had some degree similarities to our land-dwelling species, this experiment had just a few out the field parameters.

In quick: scientists soaked the octopuses' water with MDMA to see if the psychoactive drug had the identical results on them because it does with people. If the outcomes proved to be related, then it will imply the brains octopuses are rather more much like people than as soon as thought. This is as a result of psychoactive medication require a set neurotransmitters and distinctive mind construction to really have an impact.

Interesting, however anticipated findings

As you may anticipate the animals grew to become actually, actually good associates. The species octopus that was put to the take a look at is often violent when two males are in the identical tank collectively. Once they have been dosed with MDMA they grew to become shockingly pleasant. One media outlet even defined that the animals handed out collectively after socializing for hours.

Scientists have been fast to say that whereas the outcomes have been promising, they should be replicated so as to affirm the findings. So in case you are ever confronted by an octopus within the wild, don't concern – simply break up a pinger with it and discover out extra about your self than you had beforehand identified.

Source: TIME

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