Scrufizzer Flips Vato Gonzalez "Bassline Riddim" Delivering MC Focused "Bump & Grind"

Something about European/British accent rapping gets me fired up. Vato Gonzalez dropped “Baseline Riddim” back in April 2017. If you have not heard it, it comes highly recommended from DJ's across the globe. The track took over festival and club stages all summer and through the new year. The original was released on the Heldeep DJ Tools EP accompanied by tracks by BROHUG and Dekova & Wess. Vato delivered this track, dropping a bass heavy tune that’s bound to get every floor in a frenzy. Stemming the vocal sample, the DJ/Producer dropped the hard bass beat that is a sure fire hit.

Now, here we are in 2018 and the hit has recieved a killer a remix. Done by Heldeep/Spinnin Producer Scrufizzer. Known by his family and friends as Romani Lorenzo, the English MC and Producer delivers a masterpiece. Scrufizzer maintains the bassline from the original and continues it throughout adding in a banger rap vocal f the initial sample. The “Bassline Riddim” track has been retitled “Bump & Grind” and that exactly what it makes you want to do. Again, the British accent in rap gets me fired up, Tinie Tempah vibes on a million. Taking the perfection production from Vato and turning it into more MC focused track did this beat well.

Peep the track below and add it to every single damn playlist you have. Add the original as well. Heldeep continues to kill it.

Photo Cred: Cover Art
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