See r/EDM's highest voted electronic songs and albums of 2017 [full list]

The people r/EDM have spoken.

As streaming platforms like compile end year playlists comprised the year’s most popular dance tunes, so too does ‘s electronically focused r/EDM subreddit. The subreddit has produced a list 2017’s “Highest Rated” songs, albums and EPs, and throwback posts, using user submitted ‘up-votes’ to calculate the year’s crowd favorites.

The democratic approach sees visitors elect & ‘s “Something Just Like This” as the highest rated song the year with 497 votes. The full list features a total 30 tracks, with ‘s remix “” registering in second place with 443 votes, and ‘s “The Sound Walking Away” weighing in at third with 373 points. , , , and ODESZA likewise rank, speaking to a resurgence preference for mainstream releases among voting users. ‘s opaque alias charts twice on the highest rated list for “Eon Break” 303 points] and “Ghost Voices” 245 points], reflecting a general fondness the DJ’s new pet project. Virtual Self’s eponymous EP is duly noteworthy for its placement as fourth on the subreddit’s grouping the highest rated albums and EPs.

voters exhibit a collective inclination towards ‘s , the platform’s top voted album a total ten albums/EPs with 561 points. Avīci EP receives the second most votes at 528, while Illenium’s sophomore album attracts the third most, earning 441 for Awake. ‘s debut seasonal album, also emerged as a highly celebrated release, securing the eighth spot on the list.

r/EDM’s Highest Rated Throwback Posts category is as selective, as the subreddit’s Highest Rated Albums/EPs section, made up only ten tracks. A testament to the memorable quality Porter Robinson’s original productions, “Language” sits at the top the list, likely gaining newfound popularity in the wake Robinson’s foundation Virtual Self. Skrillex’s Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP claims the succeeding position, while ‘s “Cross” follows.

The publication the subreddit’s statistics has elicited a variety responses from r/EDM users, with some finding the results to be an “expected” but paltry reflection the year’s most widely acclaimed electronic releases, whereas others alternatively identify the lists as those that are accurate in their identification listeners’ dance preferences this year. While the findings are indicative only the listening trends those that voted, the charts denote just where voters’ fan favorites were concentrated, with the utmost transparency nonetheless.

See the full list r/EDM statistics .


See r/EDM's highest voted electronic songs and albums  2017 full list]

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