Selena Gomez Can't Remember The Lyrics To Her Song With Zedd In This Hilarious Segment

During Selena Gomez's time with BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw, Selena Gomez is quickly reminded that it can be tough to remember all the lyrics to her own songs.

As Grimshaw launched song after song to the young vocalist, Selena Gomez quickly freezes as the songs begin to roll out during the segment. As Grimshaw asked Selena Gomez to remember to song lyrics to her collaboration with Zedd on “I Want You To Know,” Selena Gomez goes blank saying “Umm.. honey.. it's something with honey. Oh my lanta, okay, I'm gonna pass.”
Here's how the lyrics were supposed to go:
Honey it’s raining tonight
But storms always have an eye have an eye

The lines we were looking for were:

Tell me you’re covered tonight
Or tell me lies tell me lies lies

Watch the hilarious video below.

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