Selena Gomez & Justin Theroux Are Said To Be "More Than Friends": Report

Selena Gomez is allegedly moving on from one Justin to another. After ending her relationship with on-again, f-again boyfriend Justin Bieber earlier this year, the "Wolves" songstress is now being linked to Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband, Justin Theroux. 

Theroux, 46, and Gomez, 25, have known each other for years, as they both share a manager. Life & Style Magazine claims that the pair have grown significantly close to one another after experiencing near-simultaneous break-ups, which effectively helped the two get closer together. 

A source reveals to the publication how "initially, they leaned on each other for emotional support after going through messy breakups," but have since "become closer than ever. It's turned into something more than a friendship." The significant age gap between the two, 21-years to be exact, has not impeded their relationship from developing.

Furthermore, the manager that represents both Gomez and Theroux also works for Aniston. The Friends actress was said to be a mentor to Gomez at one time, and is not happy about the news this potential new romance. 

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