Seraph EP Shows benAM as a Producer On the Rise

Producing for only a little over two years, it’s easy to dismiss benAM as yet-another aspiring producer. That, however, would be doing him a great disservice. After producing several original tracks, as well as remixes over the past 18 months, benAM ended 2017 with a band, releasing the two-track EP, Seraph, to the world.

While appearing a bit light when looking at the tracklist, benAM has packed each of the two tracks on the EP with enough energy and unique sounds to keep them on repeat for weeks. The futuristic wooziness of “Daze” is emphasized perfectly in contrast with the more subdued, emotive “Seraph”, with each track lifting the other up by showcasing their strengths.

With this EP, benAM has cemented himself as a producer that deserve everyone’s attention. His ability to craft compelling tracks using completely different sounds is worth noticing, and we look forward to seeing what exactly he has in store for 2018.

Check the EP out below, and discover for yourself what makes benAM so special.


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