Seth Rogen Stars On "Sesame Street," Internet Responds With Weed Jokes

Seth Rogen, known for his comedic chops and love for everyone's favorite illegal/legal/who-knows-with-Jeff-Sessions plant, was invited on Sesame Street and the internet naturally had words.

It may seem a strange partnership, given Rogen's stoner brand crafted by such films as Neighbors and Pineapple Express seems to counter the general wholesome vibe of the children's program, with the exception of perhaps Cookie Monster's ongoing case of the munchies. Regardless, the actor appeared to have a blast being around the iconic characters, joining Adam Sandler, Alisha Keys, and Natalie Portman as the numerous celebs to go on the program.

Twitter's reaction to Rogen's appearance was a flurry of weed jokes, with people questioning which Seaseme Street character the actor had rolled a blunt with. Some of the hysterical replies can be found below.

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