"Simpsons" Creator Matt Groening Shares Trailer For "Disenchantment"

Matt Groening has already brought the world two hit animated series. The Simpsons changed animated television forever and influenced an entire genre that now houses Family Guy, South Park, Bob's Burgers, Archer and more. The second series, Futurama, was more a hit or miss. The series was canceled, moved networks, and restarted during a twelve year time period. Still, both animated series left their mark on pop culture. Now, Groening is bringing another animated series to life. 

In a new teaser trailer for Disenchantment, the narrator gives us the rundown the direction the show. The anonymous voice reminds viewers that Groening has taken fans to the future, and has also shined a light on trending current topics. Now, he is set to venture into the past. The first teaser for Disenchantment takes place during what looks like the middle ages. "Welcome to Dreamland," the narrator announces as a prison is taken before the king. The king scrutinizes the hooded prisoner while tossing insults before the hood comes down and he realizes it's his daughter. 

Groening announced the series earlier this year with a Twitter post that read, "A princess, an elf, and a demon walk into a bar." So far, only the princess has been introduced. Disenchantment will touch down on Netflix this August. 

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