Ski Mask The Slump God & XXXTentacion Reunite At Rolling Loud Miami

This year’s iteration Rolling Loud has proved to provide fans with some great moments. The first day, festivalgoers got to relive Lil Uzi Vert’s new tradition high-flying stunts during his performance while Day 2 laid claim to Meek Mill’s first major performance since his highly-publicized release from prison and a live preview Travis Scott’s “Stargazing” track, and on Sunday, fans got to see a reunion between South Florida’s sons Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTentacion.

This time last year at Rolling Loud, the sight was a normal thing to see with the two standing side by side as the heads their Members Only roster. But the span 365 managed to bring about some weird events that led to a public falling out between the two. It was when X pleaded with fans social media to get Ski Mask to be his friend again that things began to go sour.

Ski Mask would soon follow up raised eyebrows with the remark, revealing that X threatened him and his family saying that he’d been directed to “sacrifice” Ski Mask. Things were pretty bizarre for a while, but it looks like the longtime friends and collaborators have put it past them as X stood behind Ski onstage and declared “I love you, bro” before Ski replies: “I love you too, fam.” The two then hugged each other much to the crowd’s pleasure.

As two forerunners in the newest generation rappers challenging everything we thought we knew about hip-hop and boundary lines, it’s great to see that they’re back on good terms. Since we’re selfish consumers, we’re also hoping this means that reconciliation eventually leads to some new musical collaborations.

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