Ski Mask The Slump God's "Book of Eli" Loses Timbaland Beats, Offset Feature: Report

Some good and bad news for Ski Mask the Slump God fans who have been patiently waiting for his upcoming project Beware The Book Eli. The good news is that the project will, in fact, be dropping as scheduled tomorrow. The bad news is that the album will be missing some highly anticipated songs from some exciting collaborators. 

A user by the name BOUNTYBOOTreddit noticed that Book Eli's iTunes page was already up in New Zealand, but that the tracklist was noticeably different than what we were initially promised.  

According to the iTunes tracklist, the songs "Worldwide," "With Vengeance", and "SKIMeetsWorld", will all not be appearing on the album. The first two were both set to be produced by Timbaland, and "With Vengeance" was supposed to feature Offset. The track "RUN," which was also produced by Timbaland, has also reportedly been given a brand new instrumental. 

This is devastating for Ski Mask fans who were looking forward to their collaborations. Ever since Ski Mask's breakout song "Catch Me Outside," which he rapped over Timbaland's production for Missy Elliott's "She's A Bitch," fans have been looking forward to seeing what the two could accomplish together.

The songs being taken f is likely a result the ongoing drama around Ski Mask and his management and lawyers. After initially taking matters into his own hands and leaking the album himself, it seems that Ski may no longer have the rights to these songs. On his Instagram story, Ski says that he has a new EP on the way, so maybe we'll be getting a second chance at those songs soon. 


Ski Mask The Slump God's "Book  Eli" Loses Timbaland Beats, Offset Feature: Report Ski Mask The Slump God's "Book  Eli" Loses Timbaland Beats, Offset Feature: Report

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