Skrillex Present For The Arrest Of Ty Dolla Sign After Getting Stopped By Police

First and foremost, Skrillex was not arrested. I tried to be as clear as possible about that in the headline, but it seems Skrillex got roped into a bit trouble after Ty Dolla Sign and his team got pulled over in Atlanta.

Body Cam Footage Shows Both Skrillex and Ty Dollar Sign Present

In the video which is shown from a body cam POV, Ty Dolla Sign and Skrillex can both be seen among the group individuals who were in the van. It appears that Ty Dolla Sign admits that a bag belongs to him, which contained both pot and cocaine. The rapper was arrested and taken into custody. Charges filed were for possession cocaine and possession marijuana, both under an ounce.

Skrillex appears to be calm and respectful throughout the entire encounter, as does the rest Ty's team. Below you can see a full break down the video as well as commentary from a YouTuber who is familiar with legalese. According to him, depending on who claimed ownership the bag, the case could be difficult to prove. We will see how this plays out over the next few weeks.

BREAKING JUSTICE: Ty Dolla Sign and Skrillex Stopped by Police

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