Slake Nightclub Comes To a Permanent Close

New York City's, Slake Nightclub, has ficially come to a permanent end. The popular nightclub has been known for holding spontaneous events along with performances from some the world's famous DJs and artists.

Slake took to Facebook to announce the ficial closing it's prestigious venue. Due to the purchase the venue in 2016 by Herald Square Properties, the nightclub was forced to shut down due to building renovations and renting to new tenants. Although Slake has come to an end, it seems that the nightclub may possibly make it's return in the future. In the announcement, Slake specifies that this is a goodbye for now, leading to speculations a possible future project. This may be the end this spectacular nightclub, but, hopefully, there will be something new in store for the future to come.

Check out the announcement here.

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