SLANDER Releaess Glistening New Single Off Monstercat And We Can't Get Enough

Monstercat has one the absolute best A&R in the game. It seems that they are able to attract some the biggest artists in the game for some their most historic releases. SLANDER teamed up with the Toronto based imprint for their latest single, ‘Happy Now', and it a gorgeous work art.

‘Happy Now' does not go incredibly hard which is a change in trend for SLANDER based upon their last few releases. While it still features the same shimmering, atmospheric arrangements which SLANDER is known for, ‘Happy Now' is full on euphoria trip. There is an undeniable energy to this tune which will leave your heart beating fast and you feeling as if you could conquer literally anything.

This is one the best releases we have seen from SLANDER, and the fact it is on Monstercat makes it that much more fantastic. Check out ‘Happy Now' below.

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