Slim Jxmmi Sees The Future Through $125K Diamond-Covered Watch Goggles

The brothers Rae Sremmurd have always been trend setters, but Slim Jxmmi's latest purchase couldn't possibly be imitated by anyone else. Jxmmi, who is clearly living in the year 3018 while the rest us live in 2018, went on Instagram to flex his new Dior bust down watch goggles.

If that combination words doesn't make sense to you, just imagine a pair rubber swim goggles that a kid might wear to the pool, and then throw two diamond encrusted watches on the front it. According to TMZ, to create this Frankenstein's monster a watch, Jxmmi gave his Rolex and Audemars watches to Houston jeweler ZoFrost and told him to get to work. 

Both watches are connected in the middle, and attached to a Dior strap with buckles bearing the brand name the watches. Both watches on their own were reportedly worth $50K each, but the adjustments made to create the goggles brings the piece's total up to a whopping $125K. While it doesn't seem like Jxmmi can see too well through his new eyewear, but vision is overrated when everyone else is blinded by your diamonds anyway. 

The clout goggles trend may have came and went, but right now no one else is the rap game is fucking with Slim Jxmmi''s level commitment he's displaying here. However, if he does end up regretting his choice to fuse together is wrist pieces, the whole process is apparently reversible. Check out footage Jxmmi's new eyewear below. 

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