Slim Jxmmi Shares Rare Glimpse Of His Newborn Son

Rae Sremmurd are undoubtedly hip hop's most notable party boys. The two them take turning up to a whole other level and it's clearly reflected in their music. However, one thing that's not commonly known is that Slxm Jimmi is actually a father. The rapper revealed in September that he had a child on the way but hasn't spoke about it too much. Since the child's birth, he hasn't spoke about it too much or even shared any photos the child. However, the rapper recently hit his Instagram story to give fans a rare glimpse his child.

Slxm Jimmi shared a very rare glimpse his newborn son on his Instagram story earlier today. This might actually be the first time he's ever shared any images his son. It's not surprising. Despite the fact that he's a globally known rockstar, there's obviously parts his life that he'd like to keep private.

He recently spoke about his child for one the first time's publicly on the Breakfast Club. He did seem reluctant to speak on being a fatherhood initially but he did speak on how much joy having a son brings him.

"You could be going down a bad road, you know what I'm sayin'? You could have a kid, it could make you change the whole way you look at everything." He explained to Charlamagne, "For me, I like having a son. I just had my first son, I like the responsibility.... My momma like it, she like having a grandson."

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