Smokepurpp Challenges Russ To Hand-To-Hand Combat

"Fuck Russ" memes have taken a dark turn. While it may be tempting to hop on trends, sometimes, the man behind the meme can only be pushed so far. Such became evidenced once Russ unearthed footage of himself and his goon squad beating the "esketitt" out of Smokepurpp. The incident reportedly went down at the Wireless festival, when Russ and his loyal band of devotees caught Purpp lacking by the emergency exit. Apparently, Russ did not take kindly to Purpp's trollish behavior, which included bringing Russ' sister into the mix, among other dubious claims.

Though the footage prompted Russ to advise Purpp to "take his ass beating and move on," Purpp seems adamant in a rematch, this time under more even circumstances. To be fair, one on seven is hardly fair, and some may believe conflicts of this nature are best settled like gentlemen. Purpp seems to agree, having challenged Russ to a one on one boxing match of sorts. Taking to Instagram to issue the challenge, Purpp vowed to "beat the breaks outta Russ," attesting that we all know he would.

Perhaps both parties need to let this one lie, as violence won't solve anything. Instead, Purpp should perhaps view this opportunity as a valuable lesson on the dangers of cyberbullying. Lest we forget, however, that we live in an era where Youtubers take to the ring to resolve their squabbles. 

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