Snails Confirms Upcoming Collab with Jauz

To say that Jauz is having a moment is almost an understatement. He started the year f with a proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Joann Walker, released a straight fire collaboration with DJ Snake, and promised his Shark Squad that we'll get a 17-song album set to drop any day now.

The same goes for the vomitstep king, Snails. After wrapping his first headlining tour ‘The Shell' last year, we honestly were unsure where he'd go next. He's still touring like crazy and has a loaded festival season all leading up to his second-annual Sluggtopia show in October 2018 at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado.

It's no secret that Sam & Fred are great friends and they've collaborated on numerous tracks and shows in their days. There's been some speculation that another co-produced track is on its way, and Snails' Instagram post this weekend confirmed that this is actually happening and will drop soon.

We're excited to hear what this collaboration will sound like, and course, we hope to hear it live this summer on the festival circuit. Stay tuned, as soon as this song drops we'll be sure to let you all know.

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