Snapchat Brings One of Its Biggest Figures Off The App

Snapchat finally began moving some its services to the web at the end January, starting with that could be embedded on websites and shared on Twitter or Instagram. Today it has introduced the same shareable feature for Snap Maps.

Whereas before you had to access Snap Maps the app, anyone – whether you’re on Snapchat or not – can now to go to access the feature. Even better, you can then get an embed code or shareable link for any story, like the one below from Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Snapchat is bleeding users to other platforms, particularly Instagram, and especially after its latest update, which has left at least and has sparked a petition to get rid the update with .

Snapchat execs likely hoped that moving their services into different verticals would help to retain users and attract new ones, but it could be too little too late.

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