Snapchat Goes Out As Users Try To Capture NYE 2017 Festivities

Oh, Snap! If there’s a lack ball drops and confetti in your Snapchat feed this morning that’s because the social media app experienced a huge outage in the midst NYE 2017!

Many Snapchat users attempted to capture the moment properly with a quick photo or video, but were unable to post through the app. As the world counted down from 10, Snapchat chose pretty much the worst day the year to stop working.

Scotty here brings up a good point — if there was a Snapchat outage, did NYE even happen?

The answer is yes — for many other users Snapchat was working just fine. Phew!

Others were just too turnt to use Snapchat properly…

Some made a New Year’s Resolution about Snapchat usage. Or, at least considered it.

Other popular apps like Kik and Whatsapp also experienced outages overnight for differing lengths time.

The upside to all this? Many people were forced to live in the moment. We should all try more this in 2018!



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