Snoop Dogg Bought A Bulletproof Van After Biggie's Murder

Snoop Dogg's rise to the top pop culture didn't come without hardship. As a gang member from California who was also part Death Row at the peak it's reign, you could only imagine some the street life bled into his music career. In a recent episode RapRadar, Snoop Dogg spoke about his revelations after watching "Unsolved" movie on 2Pac and Biggie's death.

Snoop Dogg sat down with Elliot Wilson and B.Dot for the latest episode RapRadar. After being asked about what his reaction was to 2Pac's death in "Unsolved" movie, he simply responded by saying, "that's gang business." He elaborated further and said that if 'Pac focused on being the great rapper he was and strayed away from the streets, he wouldn't have died so early.

"If he could've stayed being that great rapper and that great business man and that great entertainer and an actor, that n*gga that was inspiring. As opposed to jumping into the gangsta lane, for real. When you jump in it for real, you gotta deal with everything that come with it." He said, "I don't think the rules and regulations were explained thoroughly as they should've been."

Snoop Dogg then revealed that Biggie's death had an impact in the way he looked at his safety. Following Biggie's death, Snoop admitted he bought a bulletpro car that he still rides around in to this day.

"When Biggie got killed, I bought a bulletpro van. I got that mothafucka' outside right now," he said. "I bought a bulletpro van and I called Minister Louis Farrakhan. I told Farrakhan, 'I need to holla at you.' And I flew to Chicago and we had a long conversation and I told him, I said, 'Minister, I'm fearing for my life. I don't know what's going on, if it's a plot.' I didn't know if it was the police, the CIA, if n*ggas was shot.... I thought I was next."

Peep the clip below.

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