Snoop Dogg & KXNG Crooked Reflect On Tupac’s Comedic Side

On the most recent episode of "Crook's Corner" (presented by HipHopDX), Crook linked up with Snoop Dogg for a private premiere of I Wanna Thank Me. Snoop and Crook actually share an interesting connection, being that both men spent time on the Death Row imprint, albeit at different times. Yet the pair indeed crossed paths on occasion, with Crook sharing a memory of witnessing the Doggfather in the studio with 2Pac Shakur. "I came up into the studio," says Crook, "and you and Pac was in there making something. Think it was the St. Ives commercial." "Pooh made that beat," replies Snoop. "I walked in there, seen ya'll two standing at the board, I was like 'damn, I can't believe this shit," marvels Crook. "It took my mind to a whole other place, like, maybe you can make it one day. These n***as in here!"

"I didn't know how blessed I was," continues Crook. "Me neither," says Snoop, with a laugh. "We always got hindsight when we look back at it, but those are some precious moments. Me and Pac, we had a light clash, but the clash was always funny. It wasn't too serious where we would be fighting, but it'd be some funny shit we'd be clashing bout...the n***a was funny! We'd be more clowning than anything when we was in a session. I remember those moments with him more being about fun than work. He would always let it be fun."

"He'd tell a n***a like, don't listen to the record too long," continues Snoop. "Cause before he got there, we used to listen to records for like a week, n***a. You know that old remedy, you make a record, you listen to it for a week, and you keep listening to it? That n***a would make a record and be like, alright, we heard it, move on to the next one." 

Salute to Crooked and Snoop for keeping Pac's legacy alive. Rest in peace, Pac.

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