Snoop Dogg Pisses Off British Twitter Users For Paul Gascoigne Photo

Our favorite uncle, Snoop, has sparked a furious backlash on Twitter after using a photo of former England football player, Paul Gascoigne as a reason not to abuse alcohol. The "Bitch Please" rapper is being branded a "disgrace" after posting a side by side comparison of a photo of a younger Snoop, with him now, at 47, vs. a 20 year-old Gascoigne, and his 47 year-old comparison. Though, knowing Snoop and his Instagram antics, it was all intended for sh*ts and giggles, British people are PISSED after broadcaster Piers Morgan posted his disapproving two cents on the matter. 

The more aged picture of Gascoigne, which was captioned "alcohol abuse" showed a shocking photo of him taken in 2014, just before he was admitted to hospital following a drinking binge. Gascoigne, affectionately known as Gazza to all his die-hard fans, now 52, has famously battled alcohol addiction for years. In the same post, a set of pictures entitled 'marijuana abuse', the Long Beach native with his own two, 27-year differenced photos, looking like he had barely aged. "This is nasty," Tweeted Piers Morgan of the post. "Shame on you Snoop."

It is not known if Snoop Dogg is even aware who Paul Gascoigne is, let alone if he knows of the former midfielder's well-documented, and serious, battles with alcohol addiction, drugs and mental health. But, (largely as a result of Piers Morgan's tweet) the post has invoked the fury of British fans, who have branded the star a "bully," calling Snoop "disrespectful," and putting him on blast for using the photo in light of Gazza's medical issues.

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