Snoop Dogg Recalls Meeting Madonna While 2Pac Brought Him Weed To "SNL"

Snoop Dogg's been in the game for over 25 years so you could only imagine the type shit he's seen. While he's shared countless anecdotes about life on the road, smoking in the White House, his years on Death Row with 2Pac and much more, there's definitely more stories that he's yet to share. Earlier today, the rapper hit the Howard Stern show and shared a story about the first time he met Madonna.

It's a well known fact that New York City hasn't been the easiest place to find weed. Snoop Dogg recalled the time he was in NYC for an "SNL" appearance and 2Pac just happened to be in town at the same time. At that point, 'Pac wasn't signed to Death Row but he and Snoop Dogg were homeboys already. The two rappers just happened to be in NYC at the same time so Snoop hit 'Pac up to bring him some weed. However, 'Pac didn't only come through with the weed but he brought Madonna along with him.

"He pulls up but guess who he pulls up with," he said, "He shows up with Madonna, man. And he comes in, he's got a big bag that do it fluid, he tells her, 'have a seat.' She looks at me, I look at her. I say, "Oh wow. That's Madonna.'"

He later revealed that 2Pac was the one who ended up putting him onto blunts. After they first met up at the "Poetic Justice" wrap party. He said they ended spontaneously performed during the party and ended up heading outside to smoke a blunt.

“I smoked my first blunt with 2Pac,” Snoop told Howard. “I’d never smoked a blunt before. I was smoking joints.”

Peep the clips below. 

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