Snoop Dogg Tells 50 Cent He’ll Clear Rotimi’s Debt: "Don’t Kill Him" Off Of Power

Rotimi became Fofty's latest victim this morning over an alleged debt. The rapper claimed the Power actor owed him $300K, an allegation that was later denied by Rotimi. If you've followed 50 Cent over the past few months, you're highly aware of how he handles anyone who owes him money -- with public ridicule. Although Fif might be trolling, it clearly got under Rotimi's skin who "felt like I needed to address this" and issued a relatively emotional statement about Fif's post.

Unfortunately, if 50 Cent isn't joking, that could be a sign that Rotimi's character on Power, Andre Coleman, could be killed off. Clearly, many are worried. Jackie Long, who's no stranger to Fofty the debt collector, claimed that he'll help Rotimi out in order to save Coleman from being killed off in the show. However, Snoop Dogg could be the person to actually make it happen.

"50, I'mma pay you what Rotimi owe you, cuh. 'Cause I don't want him to get killed on Power. I think you gon' kill him next 'cause he owe you money," Snoop said in a video on his Instagram. "Don't kill him. I'mma pay him for you. How much he owe you cuh? Let's talk about it," he continued. "Rotimi, I got you cuz. Nigeria, I have your back," he concluded with a fake Nigerian accent.

Peep the clip below.

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