SoDown “Kill Em (feat. Kyral X Banko)"

Before you hit play on a track called “Kill Em”, you expect to be blown away. SoDown, along with fellow Colorado producer duo Kyral x Banko, didn’t disappoint and brings the fire with this latest release! This Dubstep track delivers a powerful beginning with a feeling equal to the most impactful movie intro. Throughout the track, SoDown displays his love for Bass music with the dirty bass lines and dark synths, but keeps his love Funk in the mix with the addition deep horns.

“Kill em started in a green room at an after party in Denver. Before long it had taken on a life its own, morphing into an epic full on banger sent from the depths the earth. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.” – Ehren Wright (aka SoDown)

SoDown – “Kill Em (feat. Kyral X Banko)” is available now as a free download!

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