Sofia Richie & Scott Disick Reportedly Still An Item Despite Breakup Rumours

Kanye West's listening party may have been a celebratory moment for many, but one guest in attendance made one wrong move that put his name in the headlines. Scott Disick was at Kanye's Ye party where a photo saw him cuddling up to a gyal that was not his girlfriend, Sia Richie. Since the photo hit the web, sources said the 19-year-old model broke up with Scott citing other times he was unfaithful. 

Well, another source has come out the woodwork saying Sia and Scott are still very much together. According to TMZ, the woman Scott was getting comfortable with is a very close friend and she's been around for years. Apparently, Scott holding her at the party only lasted a few minutes and they never went home together. In regards to Scott telling people he was single at the event, it was just the booze talking and it wasn't serious. 

As we previously posted, Sia was said to have inked a deal with momager Kris Jenner to appear Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If the rumour is true then this little mishap may very well be on the upcoming episodes. 

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