Solberjum Remixes “Brave Love” Into Summer Time Anthem + Interview

If you’re looking for something to warm your heart today, then turn this track on. We may still be in winter, but Solberjum’s remix to Dr. Shiver ft. Jmi Sissoko’s single “Brave Love” is one that will get your blood pumping. It’s packed with beautiful melodies and warming aura that captures that summer time feel perfectly. Not to mention Jmi Sissoko’s heartfelt vocals complete this beautiful house anthem.

We also had the chance to sit down with Dr. Shiver & Solberjum to talk about the song as well as some more juicy details. Enjoy!

Dr. Shiver, what do you think about this remix? What do you exactly feel when you are listen to it?

D.S.: This remix by Solberjum is so fresh that it makes me a bit jealous: his chord progression is actually stronger than the original one and I am really grateful to him for bringing so much freshness to my record with this outstanding release.

You guys obviously work close together at Art & Music Studios, can you tell us some more about how that relationship has developed over time? How did Solberjum come to remix this track specifically?

D.S.: I have known Samir (Solberjum) for 4 years now. He sent me a demo a progressive track he had made together with another guy. Once I heard it, I thought “that’s nice, let’s start with this one”. So I signed this track only and started to put my hands on it to finalize mix and master. After a few weeks, Samir sent me 10 new demos. All those tracks were house tunes. When heard them, I immediately called him and said “Hey, I really believe this genre music represents more who you are, it belongs to you, there is so much potential in this demos, do you want to sign exclusively with us?”. He was very happy about my proposal, so we started to cooperate on a more stable basis. I have seen Solberjum really develop his skills during these years and I am super proud and satisfied what he is doing and where he is going with his music.

When Brave Love was written, Samir introduced me to Jmi Sissoko. He told me “This guy might be the right vocalist for this track”. He was right and once the vocal was recorded I immediately thought “I might need a good house-friendly remix by Solberjum”.

Solberjum: We have known each for almost 4 years now, and we went from a work relationship to being real friends. Three years ago, Dr. Shiver gave me the opportunity to join the Art&Music family by developing my sound and my production skills. As I’m from Paris, I travelled a lot back and forth from Paris to Milan. Today I’m very thankful to Bruno – “Dr Shiver” – for all the time he shared with me, because during these three years my music went from cool ideas to a competitive sound. It hasn’t been an easy and calm journey, because we’re both passionate, so we had a few disagreements from time to time, but always in a constructive way.

Today I can definitely say that Bruno has been and still is one a kind in this industry, because he really supports his home team and shares their success.

Regarding the remix, I was in the studio when Bruno was working on the song, and I was really feeling my friend Jmi Sissoko for this track. When I played Jmi’s song to Bruno, he was already convinced that he was the right singer. And from there, he said “Yo Samir what about making a Fresh House remix”, and when I heard these words I was already projecting my mind to a fresh remix.

Dr. Shiver, which elements do you like more in this Solberjum’s remix “Brave Love”? 

D.S.: The first time I heard his chord progression I thought “Oh shit, this is stronger than mine, well done”. After a few hours he came up with the lead top line for the hook that is also all over the drop: so tropical, fresh and catchy! Definitely a great remix that can work well both for clubs and radios.

Solberjum, what elements Brave Love stood out the most to you when you first heard the original? Were those the same elements you want to preserve in your remix? How do you feel you’ve given the track your own spin? 

Solberjum: The first time I heard the song was when Bruno – “Dr Shiver” – was writing the song on the piano and I was already hooked by the chords. And when he came up with the Vocal melody, I was already sure that I would take inspiration from them with just some small changes. I’m not the kind person who likes to destroy the original song to make something extreme out it. I like to remix a song and make it sound like a brand new track. I think this is how I’m giving my own spin to the track, by making it sound like an original one, but without destroying the mood.

Solberjum, you saw incredible remix success previously with your Axwell // Ingrosso remix and your Brace Love remix seems poised for similar success, what do you like about remixing in general? How does you approach there differ from an original?

Solberjum: I like the fact that I am able to take an original pop song and make it sound fit for clubs. Especially when I play for a mainstream crowd, it’s a good way to make them listen to their favorite song, by still bringing them into you music world. I think this is a secret weapon for any dj, and it’s also a good way to make djs discover your music, because they’re always looking for a hot remix and if your remix rocks, they will most likely also check out the rest your work.  In addition to what I already said, I think you have a good remix when you can make it sound like an original track or when you make a dirty remix from a nice song. The cheesiest the original song sounds, the baddest your remix should be.

Dr. Shiver: You’ve developed quite a team and group alongside you, mentoring many the key pieces along the way. What does it mean to you to continue to provide key opportunities for your fellow artist with ficial remix opportunities  such as this one?

D.S.: You know, I consider Art&Music Recording as a creative hub. I love to help talented artists because at the same time they help me: being surrounded by creative and talented people is always an effective weapon that keeps you on the track and inspired.

When I find a talented artist, even if he/she is not really skilled, I always try to help him/her. It is nice to develop new talents and to give them that kind chances that record labels used to give until a few years ago. So, whether it is a remix, a new track, or the chance to play in a nice venue, I always like to share everything possible with them.

How’s your guys calendar shaping up heading towards MMW in 2018? Are there any plans for Miami you can share with us?

D.S.: Miami this year is going to be massive: I will be there with David Allen presenting all our latest tracks and… expect something very nice that will be announced soon!

Solberjum: I’m actually living a very exciting and busy debut year, because I have just launched a new project called Broderskab with my partner Madara. It’s a collective creative people where you can meet music producers, video makers, photographers, dancers, performers, etc.. all animated by one vision the art. There are a lot things planned and I can’t wait to tell you more about this. And we’re actually talking with Bruno and Art&Music to work together on the recording part Broderskab. Besides this project, I have been working hard with Art&Music to have tracks ready for 2018 and there are almost 4 tracks ready to be released, including one collaboration with Dr. Shiver which will definitely get a lot attention.  And yes, we will be in Miami with Art&Music and Broderskab. We might have gigs planned for the MMW 2018, but they still need to be confirmed. Moreover, straight after Miami we will keep our travel to Los Angeles and Las Vegas going. Like I said, 2018 is going to be an exciting and busy year.

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