Soulja Boy Suspects Home Robbery Was An Inside Job: Report

As Soulja Boy sits in a jail cell awaiting his April 30 court date, his home in Agoura Hills, California was recently burglarized. The thieves allegedly stole jewelry, cash, personal items, and an iPhone, totaling approximately $500K worth of cash and items. Now that Soulja has been presented with the facts in his case, he believes that it was an inside job.

TMZ reports that the rapper and his team have gone over the security footage from his home and after viewing it, Draco thinks that someone he knows set him up. It's apparent from the tapes that the thieves went straight to his safe and broke in at the exact time when no one would be at the house. On the day of the robbery, Soulja's team left the house for a few hours and the suspects snuck in through a door that was damaged by the police raid in February just 30 minutes before everyone was to return. It only took them five minutes in total to break in, make their way to the safe, grab the goods, and run out.

Soulja's home isn't easily accessed, either, as TMZ also says that it's difficult to find unless someone has been at the location before. It's hidden off in a secluded location and one would have to know where it is—and who resides there—in order for it to be a target. To make matters worse, the robbers reportedly logged into to Soulja's Instagram account from his phone and went on Live to boast about the robbery.

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