Soundcloud Rapper Pulls Up On 50 Cent During Fif’s Date

These days, most of 50 Cent confrontations happen on Instagram

Not this one, although it turned out it was about the Gram.

In the clip below, a SoundCloud rapper named NFL DUME pulls up on Fif and tell him to check out his IG. When Fif says he'd rather not, DUME seems ready to fight him and asks if 50 wants to throw first.


DUME then danced around a bit like he was ready to go and declared himself "crazy."  50, who seemed to be on a date with Nikki Nicole from Black Ink Crew: Chicago, calmly waited for Dume to calm down.

Then he dropped this pearl of wisdom, which he's since immortalized on a T-shirt.

"Your shit is not gonna work. You know why?" Fif asked. "Because you're stupid. The way you approaching me is wrong."

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