"Spider-Man" For PlayStation 4 Might Set Up A Marvel Video Game Universe

Marvel has made billions f their interconnected Cinematic Universe. Starting with Robert Downey Jr.'s 2008 classic Iron Man, the comic book/ movie studio built a catalog some the best superhero films ever. It doesn't look like superhero movie fatigue will be setting in anytime soon, with Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther adding more billions to Marvel's bank. Now, it looks like Marvel may be creating an interconnected video game universe as well. 

Spider-Man is an upcoming game for PlayStation 4 that has been on every gamer's radar for the last year. The footage for the new video game looks absolutely incredible, and the gameplay seems as if the Arkham games influenced developers Insomniac Games to build a truly interactive experience for the wall-crawler.  

The Executive Creative Director on the Spider-Man game, Bill Rosemann, sat down with Telegraph to speak about the upcoming title. In the interview, Rosemann touches on the idea expanding the Marvel gaming universe. When asked about his aspiration for creating the interconnected virtual universe he answered, “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. Even in the MCU they started with individual movies.” When Rosemann is reminded that there was always a bigger picture involved with the movies, he states, “There was. I mean, they tacked on that Nick Fury scene at the end Iron Man but did anyone think it would culminate in The Avengers? Or now Avengers Infinity War?" He continued on to say, "That was a pipe dream. The first intention was, let’s just make the best Iron Man movie. We’re approaching it the same way. This is going to be hard enough. Let’s just make the best Spider-Man game. Let’s do that. The rest will take care itself. Who knows what the future holds? We just want to make sure each individual game is awesome, is great. Again we don’t want to trap people and contain people. We want to give them freedom.”

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