Spike Jonze Shares Sketches That Inspired Kanye West's "I Love It" Visuals

Kanye West clapped back at everyone who was making fun of his undersized Yeezy slides by dropping a video of him wearing oversized slides and Yeezy clothing - "is that big enough for you?" he was probably thinking while filming the video. Whether you found the visuals creepy or not, the director of the short clip, Spike Jonze, shared his sketches for the video that prove his vision really did come to life. 

The sketches GARAGE,  that look as if they were drawn on the back of a script or random piece of paper, show the exact looks of the video where two people are in a narrow hallway with boxed clothing barely showing their heads. In another piece, it shows one of the people (Pump) in the foreground while the other person (Kanye) lurks in the background. 

The last sketch matches the last shot of the video where comedian Adele Givens looks down on small Pump and Kanye telling them a legendary line from her 2008 Def Jam skit about faking orgasms as the two eat it up. 

Peep the sketches here. 

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