Spotify Announces New Rule Changes That Massively Benefit Remixers [Details]

Up until now, the rules how remixers receive credit for their remixes on Spotify have been murky. Spotify partially addressed the issue by listing remixes under the Popular and Latest Releases sections an artist’s prile last October. Now, Spotify has announced a huge shift in how remixers receive credit for their remix: counting plays toward their monthly listeners.

Previously, streams a remix would not count toward a remixer’s monthly listeners number. But under the new move, any remixer will earn toward their monthly listener number with their remix streams. This is huge news for artists who release remixes that match or even surpass an original track’s popularity. The update counts toward all remixes uploaded since the beginning 2015 and will include all remixes moving forward. Additionally, artists can now view their remix metrics using Spotify for Artists. Spotify announced the news with an interview with Louie Vega, one electronic music’s most prolific artists and remixers.

Head over to the to check out the news and Vega’s interview.

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