Spotify Launches New Feature with Smirnoff & It's A Total No-Brainer

Spotify and Smirnf are teaming up to make music consumers more gender conscious when it comes to their listening habits. This new initiative comes as part  International Women’s Day (Thursday, March 8) and aims to promote gender balance.

The “Smirnf Equalizer” connects to Spotify to calculate gender breakdown listening history. As percentages male and female artists are revealed, music lovers can instantly learn more about their personal listening habits and ultimately achieve a more balanced gender breakdown.

In addition to the stats, Spotify curates a more gender-balanced playlist, especially for users who tend to listen to more male than female musicians. Smirnf has also paired up with transgender DJ/producer Honey Dijon, who appears on-video in the platform to share her experiences facing gender bias in the music industry.

For Smirnf’s Global Senior Brand Manager Neil Shah, this Spotify feature is a no-brainer:

“We developed the Smirnf Equalizer in partnership with Spotify because we believe that when we get to discover talented women artists and their phenomenal music, we’ll all have a better listening experience.”

In 2017, 100% Spotify’s top streamed tracks were performed by men. Let’s hope 2018 is a different story.

Check out the new feature  .

Smirnf & Spotify Launch Smirnf Equalizer

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