Spotify Supports International Women's Day with Smirnoff Equalizer

March 8 is the day women commemorate the struggle to live in a more equal society, where we don’t get paid less for the same job, and receive as many opportunities as men in every aspect life. The music industry is also conscious about this matter, and yesterday, in honor  International Women’s Day, Spotify took another step forward in erasing the gender gap. Sponsored by Smirnf, the online music streaming company introduced a new exclusive tool for their music player, the Smirnf Equalizer.

What’s the concept behind this idea? The Smirnf Equalizer is meant to show users a breakdown with percentages their listening habits in terms gender. Then, for those who listen primarily to one gender, Spotify will generate more balanced playlists based on the user’s preferences.The brilliant initiative came up after Spotify’s 2017 statistics showed that 100% the top streamed tracks were performed by men.

This is not be the first time that Smirnf has engaged in equality-oriented activities. In May 2017, Smirnf was part the ‘‘ campaign that aimed to empower female DJs and producers and encouraged them to become more active in the electronic music scene.

Are you ready to discover new amazing tunes from women artists? Connect to Spotify and enjoy the Smirnf Equalizer .

Spotify Supports International Women's Day with Smirnf Equalizer

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