Spotify Testing Auto-Mixing Playlists With Seamless Transitions

Spotify is once again working to change the way we listen to music. The streaming service exploded in popularity over similar competitors like Soundcloud and Pandora through fering the largest library label released music as well as curated playlists. The thousands curated playlists soon became the focus many Spotify users as it removed the struggle finding new music away from the listener. Now though Spotify has taken things a step further and started to test stware that will auto-mix playlists – even while they're on shuffle.

The Sync Button Evolved

While many DJs ripped on the invention the infamous sync button, Spotify has taken things a step further and developed a program which literally builds transitions for you. Note that this is not the existing ‘crossfade' mode which one can currently select. This is new AI which actually perfectly transitions shuffled tracks in a playlist. You can check out the video below Music Ally. Next time you're at the club, keep an eye out to make sure the DJ doesn't have their phone or computer plugged into the aux!

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