Spotify To Allow Artists To Upload Stories With Songs

The same way Facebook and Instagram allow users to share a story to their profile that will last for 24-hours is the same concept Spotify is working to introduce for its artists on the streaming platform. Musicians signed up with the service will be able to share an insight into the making of one of their tracks that will accompany the song while it plays for listeners, NME reports. 

Spotify To Allow Artists To Upload Stories With Songs
Chesnot/Getty Images

Spotify Storyline will appear the same way Behind The Lyrics does on the app, as a small video plays, never interrupting your song. “We are always testing new ways to create better experiences for more users,” a Spotify spokesperson said of the new feature.

The possible new addition that may hopefully be rolling out soon comes just a few weeks after Spotify celebrated 100 million paid users. "The music industry market is way bigger than most people realize. There's a billion customers in the world that are consuming music. We are all trying to get the music industry into streaming, and that's a cyclical trend that will keep going for at least another five or ten years," CEO Daniel Ek said of the milestone. 

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