"Star Wars" Executives Have A Boba Fett Spin-Off In The Works

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports that LucasFilm executives have pegged James Mangold to write and direct a forthcoming Star Wars stand-alone film focusing on fan favourite Boba Fett. This reveal coincides with the release another series spin-f Solo, which hits theatres this weekend. 

Since Rogue One, the production company has focused on diversifying and nuancing their cinematic universe by fering prequels/origin stories. Alongside a Boba Fett film, Stephen Daldry is reportedly in negotiations to direct a movie that focuses on Obi-Wan Kenobi, although the exact contextual implications remain a mystery. 

Mangold will co-write the script with Simon Kinberg, who will also produce the forthcoming motion picture. The two have worked together in the past, most notably on last year's Logan, which garnered Mansgold a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination during this year's telecast. 

Boba Fett was first introduced in 1980's Empire Strikes Back, before re-appearing in 1983's Return the Jedi. He eventually suffered a slapstick death, and had limited screen time, but was able to amass a cult following in his wake. 

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