Stefflon Don Responds To Criticism Over Black Lives Matter Instagram Post

Stefflon Don was at the hands of a lot of criticism when the British rapper shared an image to Instagram that promoted her new song with a tone-deaf caption. The image sees Stefflon getting handcuffed by a white police officer with a caption that reads “Bloodclaat mi a get locked up Black Lives Matter.”

Stefflon Don Responds To Criticism Over Black Lives Matter Instagram Post
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The issue her followers had with the matter was more so the timing since yesterday was Juneteenth, the day slavery was abolished in America in 1865. "Child if this is a joke you picked the worst timing! I know you're from overseas but here in America it's JUNETEENTH," a user commented, forcing Stefflon to reply: “Tell America yall need a new President."

The "16 Shots" music maker followed up once again in a since-deleted post, writing: “Get your sensitive ass out of my comments plz about Black Lives ain’t no joke who da fuq said it was? And if you aint physically done nothing about it then definitely don’t say nothing because you don’t really care you think typing on insta will solve your problems lol.

“Educate your self. By the way slavery aint no joke either but you still tune in to watch the movie that makes the same white man who enslaved you money and you applaud it and they get rewarded for it now go underneath the real enemies comments not mine.”

Her comments didn't seem to stick since people still let her have it on Twitter. Peep some reactions below and let us know what you think. 

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