Stephen A. Smith Says He's An "Ass" Man On Snoop Dogg's GGN Show

We can finally put the national debate to rest. No, we're not talking about Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, we're talking about whether or not Stephen A. Smith prefers "ass or titties."

The ESPN host recently made an appearance on Snoop Dogg's YouTube-based show, the Double G News Network (GGN), where he was asked to choose between one two answers on a variety different questions. For instance, "hot or cold," "burgers or tacos," etc.

When Snoop asked, "ass or titties?" Stephen A. hilariously replied, “Always, always ass. That’s true." He added, "I know I’m associated with Walt Disney, but everyone knows I’m a bottom feeder.” 

Check out the clip in the video embedded below.

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