Stephen Releases Double Feature On Monstercat

Indie-electronic artist Stephen is hitting the ground running in 2018 with a double-single feature on Monstercat, “Play Me Like A Violin” and “Stay” featuring Lindsey Cook.

Stephen endeared himself to EDM fans in 2016 with his debut album Sincerely and has stayed square in our sights ever since. With these two releases, he’s proven his capability to grow as an artist and stay grounded in his own sound simultaneously.

The first single, “Play Me Like A Violin,” sees singing solo amidst a collection various sounds, including a heavily distorted violin. The metaphor the song is that a violin is played with a bow along strings, being pulled back and forth – and no one likes that.

The second sees Stephen teaming up with Lindsey Cook, who lends her breathy, intimate voice to this energetic and upbeat number. The drop is classic Stephen, melding distorted guitar plucks with creative production to produce something entirely unique.

Both the tracks are out now Monstercat!

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